"Luganskgiproshakht" - is the main organization on development of general charts and pro-grams of development to coal industry in a region, complex planning of building of new, reconstructions and reequipments of operating enterprises in different branches to industry, objects of the housing and cultural settings, social sphere and guard of environment. The institute was founded in 1943 and since 1996 it has been state public Joint-Stock company.

For the last 70 years Institute created a strong industrial base, it accumulated a huge experience of organizing and conducting of project-prospecting and project-estimating operations, separate scientific-research workings out and designed and technological elaborations, examinations and workings out of normative base for engineering in coal-mining industry. More than 200 highly-qualified engineers and others technical workers are ready to carry out engineering of establishments of any complication and importance.

Further modernization of production base by introducing up-to-date computer technologies of engineering, engineering analysis, preparations for production and management allows the Institute to rise to a much higher level taking into account demands of the times and desires of the clients from Ukraine and others countries.

Among the project institutes of coal industry of Ukraine "Luganskgiproshakht" first of all comes to the world market. The International quality certificate testifies to it. It was handed an international audit, after the acquaintance of management of quality the functioning on an enterprise system.

"Luganskgiproshakht" inculcated and applied the system of quality on such major directions, as a project and designer document of objects of industrial and civil building.

Co-operating with us, you can get from us projects, executed in short space and with high quality.